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Farewell Drinks

We had a lovely time at work. I found my pass no longer works – so that’s pretty final! I had to go to Reception and get a visitors pass!

I emptied my desk and then we headed over to the bar for drinks with friends. I hate saying goodbye – but it’s nice now it’s over. Lots of people came and we talked and relaxed for a couple of hours. I got gifts too! Coffee, chocolate, nail varnish, smellies, flowers – so lucky!


I will miss those folks!

We then headed into town and had a smooch around the shops before heading home.

It’s been an historic day – I’m now ‘retired’ – and tired! Sofa sogging for me tonight.

Have a tremendous Tuesday!

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Last Working Day

Happy to report my eating is finally back to normal! Phew!

Sad to report I have a rash! Not sure what it is, but I have red spots all over – mainly arms and legs though. I have seen a doctor and now have industrial strength antihistamines to take. I’m sure it will go as quickly as it came.

This week has been spent mainly at home, apart from a couple of trips to the doctor and last night when we played badminton for an hour.

I’m doing just fine!

Today is my last official working day – as of tomorrow I am ‘retired’. Circumstances have bought us here – but it is nice not to have to work. My pension isn’t huge, so some budgeting will be needed, but we will manage.

To celebrate – a picture of my Geko!


Have a super Saturday!

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Twelve of Fifteen


Today was mostly spent in Exeter. My moult continues and my head is stupidly sore – a lot of me wishes that the hair was gone and it’s all over with. Having said that, I’m going to miss it, so I’m keen to keep as much as I can for as long as I can! It is coming out in handfuls though!

So, we went early to Exeter to meet my boss, my bosses boss and two HR officials to get officially ‘dismissed’. They have granted me retirement on I’ll health grounds effective on 31st August. Happily I am entitled to a full pension, so I am looking forward to it!

After the meeting at work we headed off to the hospital for lunch before my treatment. I had cottage pie from the canteen – not fantastic, but edible. Swallowing is still hard, so it takes me ages to eat – hence I had only got through half of it before it was too cold to eat. I then got a small tub of vanilla ice cream for pudding! Mmm – that was so lovely.

Treatment went well – all the usual and felt fine.

Off into town then for a look around the shops. I raided Hotel Chocolate for some caramel batons, then off to Nero’s for iced coffee! Lovely.

Tomorrow we have treatment at 4pm so a day spent pottering first I think.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Eight of Fifteen

For the mathematicians amongst you, it will not have passed you by that we are now over half way! Go me!

Today’s appointment was late – 5.10pm but I also had to have bloods done, so we headed out just after 3pm. Before that I did some stuff on the computer and finalised a meeting at work. Happily they have agreed to retirement on ill-health grounds, so I will get the pension I would have done if I had worked to aged 65. That’s excellent! Although things will be tight, it is enough for us to get by on, and not worrying about work will be a big weight off my mind.

Saw these chaps on the way to the hospital –


Cute hey?

Radiotherapy was the same as always – I’m getting tiredness with it now, but all in all, we are doing okay. Just two more full head sessions – it’s my head that spins and causes the nausea – I will be so pleased when it’s over and I start to feel a bit more normal! The chest radiotherapy makes me cough and it tastes disgusting from the dead tumour cells. I think that’s a good sign, but again, I will be glad when it’s over.

I am also looking forward to knowing how the radiotherapy has worked on me – the doctors say they will do a full CT scan after 6 weeks – that allows for the swelling to subside and for the good cells to repair themselves. At that stage we will have a good idea of what is left and therefore what my prognosis is. I know this is not curable, but the doctors are working hard to make it ‘manageable’. That would be nice!

Same old tomorrow – I hope you have a terrific Thursday!

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Sorting Stuff

This morning started with an appointment with my GP. I went to ask for a return to work form, but ended in a long conversation about the merits of not going back to work, but enjoying what time I have left. It was a good chat, if difficult. We talked about seeking retirement on ill health grounds – something I spent the rest of the day researching.

The doctor was incredibly supportive and encouraged me not to go back to work – difficult when you are the main bread-winner.

Having talked it over at home, I phoned the doctor back and agreed to continue the sick leave and start the process of looking for retirement. I have to pick up my sick note tomorrow which will be for 3 months. I’ve also emailed the boss and asked him to start the process.

Here begins a battle I think!

In other news – I got my new phone today! I love my iPhone and got sent an upgrade to the iPhone 5 with 4G – not that 4G will be in Devon anytime soon though! It’s lovely and the transfer was painless.

Have a terrific Thursday!

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Finally we got to see the sun today!


It was late afternoon by the time the clouds parted and we saw this lovely sunshine – enough to brighten any day.


So nice to get out of the house, all wrapped up and out for our walk.



Tomorrow is the day I get to see the consultant – at least we may know a bit more. Fingers crossed.

Have a terrific Tuesday!


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Better Day

Another day working at home – good job really!


This was the beautiful view from the office this morning. I love snow! Poor Derek though!


Bless! We got out for a walk over lunch but the sun never came out, it’s been snowing most of the day.


Cracking view! Exmoor is out there somewhere!

Personally it has been a better day, I have just about convinced myself that all will be well, but still get in a panic at times. I hope it gets easier.

Lovely weekend to look forward to now – I hope you have a super Saturday!


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Pin Cushion

This morning saw a very early start for me as I had to be at the hospital by 9am.


I hate being late, so I left home at 8am and was an acceptable 10 mins early for my appointment. Despite having the first appointment of the day, the staff kept me waiting a further 10 minutes past my appointment before the fun and games started.

First a chest X-Ray, no problem there. Then on to the CT scan. I had no idea what to expect but a very nice doctor chap talked me through the process. I had to drink dye that would light up my intestines (joy!), then they would inject a different dye that would light up my veins (double joy!). I drank the drink then got taken into a room with a nurse to fit a cannula. Poor nurse had two goes in two different places before giving up. I got taken into the scan room, laid down and a second nurse had a go. Finally they called the nice doctor chap back and he did it first go!

I don’t know why they had such a problem – I have had four separate blood tests in the last couple of months and the practice nurse had no problems at all.

So, pin cushion-like I laid still whilst they took pictures, remotely injected the dye through the cannula. It was a very strange experience – it was hot and tasted awful, I felt it travel through me, and it felt like I had wet myself – happily they did warn me of these! Then more pictures. All done in just a couple of minutes. Phew!

I had to hang around for 10 minutes to make sure all was well, so I had coffee in the cafe and then left.

I await the results.

The rest of the day I worked at home, then at 4pm we went for our walk – not getting any warmer!


I wonder if we will get snow?


Dinner was a real treat – aged organic sirloin steak, chips, peas – and gravy! OMG! Chips and gravy are soooo good! I was dragged up in Lincolnshire, so chips and gravy was a staple at home. I can’t remember the last time I made it though. Certainly ‘comfort food’ and has made what was a pretty tough day seem so much better.

Tomorrow – more working from home. I think it will be a late start! Have a wicked Wednesday!

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Rain & Hail

But no snow – as yet! I love snow.

I worked at home today so it was a nice quiet day. The hospital rang with a new appointment for my next chest X-ray and scan – tomorrow morning at 9am! Blimey! It’s tomorrow, and it’s early. It lots of respects I really hope it doesn’t snow now as I’ll have to be out of the house by 8 in the morning and I really don’t want to have to cope with dodgy roads as well.

Late afternoon we left the house for half an hour and went for a chilly walk around the block.


Then I did my hair with a smart little wand thingy I got at half price at the weekend. What a state!

A bit over the top I think – but I’ll learn!

So, tomorrow hospital & the working at home. I hope you have a terrific Tuesday.


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Badminton & Stuff

Hi chaps!

Yesterday I worked at home then went to play badminton for an hour in the evening follow by an apple juice at the pub!


Today I have been home again, so lots done! We went for a walk late afternoon – nice to see the daylight lasting a bit longer now! Soon be summer!


Love the wintertime trees – so pretty.

Dinner today was lamb curry. Now I have to sort out the menus for next week and put the shopping list together. I’m very pleased I bought the Fast Dirt book – it has some fabulous ideas for fast day foods and I will be adding some of those to next week.

Shopping and stuff tomorrow – nice! 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!

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