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Me Day

Today I have had a me day – I’ve never had a me day, so this has been a first.

This morning I went and got a manicure and had my nails painted with Gel polish.


Lovely! I enjoyed it a lot!

I got home in time for lunch – which is our only meal today as we are giving the intermittent fasting thing a go. The idea is that you just eat 500 (600 for men) calories in one meal – then nothing else. It is supposed to do two jobs, firstly the reduction in calories aids weight loss, but also the fasting helps your body go into repair mode.

I’m hungry now, but I am determined to get through the day! I had two poached eggs and bacon for my meal – plenty at the time!

This afternoon we did a 3.25 mile walk. It’s hot out there!


I was quite tired by the time we got home – and hot!


Look how high the hedges have grown! At least they gave us a bit of shade.


In between lunch and walk I did a bit more book editing. Boy that can drive you nuts – but I am getting there!

Now I am going to settle in with more Olympics and some black coffee.

Have a fantastic Friday!

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More Amazing Moments!


What a great Olympics this is! I can’t praise the athletes enough – just terrific!

I have sat on my backside all day editing my book. Not conducive to getting fit. Ho hum. I watched BBC’s Horizon programme last night on intermittent fasting – most interesting. I like the idea of a 500 calorie day followed by a normal day. They say there is a lot of evidence that it not only helps you lose weight, but has great health benefits too, giving the body time to repair itself. I like this idea. I will give it a go.

Today has been a lean day food wise as hubby wants to work his way up to fasting! I had salad for dinner and lunch, tuna and ham for protein. Nicely Paleo and just a few calories.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to do a bit more with my book, and a bit more exercise! I hope the rain stops sometime soon. I can’t wait for summer to arrive!


Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Lie In

So nice not to have to work this week! I have a few things planned, but a lie in was most welcome. All this watching of the amazing Olympic games is making me tired!

Did you see the 100 metres last night? Wow! Bolt is just a superstar! Along with all the other amazing competitors – what a show of commitment, dedication, sacrifice and performance.

I did get out for a walk today.


Typically it was dry when we set out, wet by the time we got home!


Just enough room for one tractor and one walker! Did the usual circuit to the Beacon and around.


I have also started to edit my book – well, three books! They were three books each if just over 50,000 words – now they are one book of 150,000 words! Some severe editing to be done – but you have to start somewhere if you want to be a best selling author!

Food today has been good and Paleo! Egg salad for lunch, chicken curry and mushrooms for dinner.

Lovely day – now for another evening of Olympics! Have a tremendous Tuesday!

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NaNoWriMo Winner

Woop Woop!

Just 50,460 words written in 29 days. A whole day to spare – which is unusual for me, but I made it!

I have to say at this point, that the book is pretty awful, but that is not the point. The point is to WRITE – all 50,000 words in just 30 days. For all of you who have thought about/dreamt about writing a book, I urge you to try this, you will learn so much! Not least about how not to write! How a story that is massive in your head will end up being a few hundred words on paper, and then what? How many times you can actually write he said, she said. And how cute I am not, and do not, and they are actually look – after all – it is the number of words that counts! Most of all it teaches you that it does not have to take years and years. Just a couple of hours every day and a couple of proper sessions and it’s done in a month.

So, what are you doing next November? Plenty of time to plan – go check it out:

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow – I’m up for a celebration!



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Is It Monday?

For some reason it feels like a Monday! Maybe because I had yesterday off, that would make sense, still it’s great that it is actually Wednesday because over half the week is done and dusted – nice!

Today has been an in-the-office day, so meetings were the order of the day. I did manage a trip into town at lunch though, so that was 90 minutes of walking under my belt. I wanted an apple peeler from Lakeland, but they had sold out – Boo! I did get some chocolate from Hotel Chocolate as Christmas gifts, and I called at Costa for a take-away skinny latte with and extra shot! Not a wasted journey!

I was lucky in that I got to and back from town whilst it was dry, from about 2pm onwards it has rained, ranging from “rain” to “tipping down” all afternoon. The drive home was not fun. Happily I am home for the rest of the week, so no more driving for me. Such a relief – I hate dark, cold, wet nights.

I need to write now – I am still slightly ahead of my target, but I won’t stay there unless I keep plugging away at it.

Enjoy – and have a terrific Thursday!

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Still Tapping Away


Yup – I’m still tap tap tapping at the keyboard writing this novel – it’s actually going well, which I am a bit reluctant to write in case things go down hill, but not to worry! I have had some reasonable ideas to work with this year, and the writing has flowed without too much bother – but it all takes time. Most of my evenings are now spent with a keyboard keeping my knee quite hot! I am over a quarter of the way through now, so all is well.

In other news, I went to the office today, which meant I was not so good on the food front I’m afraid. I took a strawberry smoothie to have for breakfast, a banana as a snack, my cheese salad, and two yogurts. Well, I ate all of that, plus and aero bar, plus a pack of After Eight mints – not a whole box, just one of those tubes – bad enough, but probably not as bad as it could have been. Then I got home and hubby had done sausages for dinner – I just had two with a bit of salad, but that took me over my daily calorie allowance. Ho Hum. And it’s Weigh In tomorrow. Oh dear – i wonder what the scales will say about me stuffing my face today?

No run today as I was late home, it was dark, cold and raining. I’m working at home tomorrow so I hope both the food and the exercise will be a better story.

Meanwhile – more writing to do, so excuse me dipping out early.

Have a lovely Wednesday!



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Keyboard Madness

I really have to find myself a hobby that doesn’t involve a keyboard! I have either sat here (sofa with laptop on lap) or at my desk (with the big Dell desktop) all day long. Working, blogging, sparking and writing – oh – I did get out for a run!

Today started brightly, the antibiotics are working and my tooth feels a whole lot better today – very nearly “normal” if that is ever possible for me! I slept like a log, and woke bright as a button and ready to go.

SparkPeople first to catch up on my friends, who are all in the States and therefore all come out to play whilst I’m in the land of nod! Catch up done, work time. Coffee fuelled today as I had a lot to do. I popped downstairs late morning to throw some leeks and potato in a pan with some vegetable stock ready for soup for lunch. Back to work. Lunch, a quick whizz with a hand blender and we had a huge bowl of soup with some wholemeal bread. I do like soup!

This afternoon, back to work – all the way through until 4pm when I finally ran out of steam, just a brief interlude at 3ish to pop downstairs and make a curry for dinner. It wasn’t raining – but threatening to – so we put on our running gear, rain jacket, reflective bibs, hat and out the door for 3.5 miles around the block. I always think that sounds like we live in a town! We don’t! The “block” is out of the village and a circular route on single track lanes. We have three we can go on from here – one (2.25 miles) takes us up to the beacon via what we call “Cow Poo Lane” (it is!), across the top and down the hill back home. The first and last 100m are houses – the rest is just lane and fields (and dark!). The second (the one we did today), 3.5 miles and goes down the lane by our house, past a farm into a steep valley, up the other side, right at a T junction, up to another lane, right and right down the hill back. This time just one house to pass going out, and a couple in the village home. Finally there is the killer hill circuit, 3.5 miles again but – down, up, down, up, down up. All out in the sticks!

So, run done and curry cooked, a quick shower and eat. Since then, on the sofa with Lippy Laptop, SparkPeople again, the blog, then the exciting bit of writing for NaNoWriMo! I’m on target with my word count, but it takes discipline to get it all done. I’m enjoying it though, it’s a good story and I can’t wait to hear what comes next! 🙂

So, Saturday tomorrow – a nice lie in, shopping, no doubt a longer run and more writing. Lovely!

Have a wonderful day.

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In a Whirl

Today has got away with me and it seems to have passed in a whirl! I haven’t done everything I wanted to today, but I guess some days are just like that.

I went to the office today, so up early when it was still dark, damp and pretty chilly. I can’t say it was cold – although it should be in November – it is still very mild. I did lots of meetings and still managed to avoid all the chocolate which is still hanging around. I’ve got over it now – it just sits there!

At lunch I took a 45 minute walk up to the shops for a look around, then back to munch my cheese salad and yogurt. I think the antibiotics are starting to kick in now – the tooth is not quite so bad and my tummy is starting to grumble! A sure sign they are working. I hope it stays at just grumbling, I can cope with that.

This afternoon, more meetings and then home to left over dinner from last night – Quiche and salad. I actually think it tastes nicer on the second day, but maybe that it just because it takes no effort to make dinner! Since dinner I have done my strength training and a little cardio, but no running today – that will have to wait until tomorrow now.

I’m working at home tomorrow, so thankfully a bit of a lie in and an early finish should start the weekend nicely. I have a very long to do list tomorrow, so I am hoping I can get it done by 4pm so we can run whilst it is still light. I hate winter nights! Still, the weekend is nearly here, and we can go out when ever we like then.

Time to write something. I am doing Nanowrimo! I started, so I will finish, and I will achieve the 50,000 words by the end of the month. I have 6,000 under my belt now, so I am on target at the moment. Fingers crossed it will stay that way – in the past couple of years I have managed to get way behind and then spent days typing. I have learned the hard way that doing the required 1,600 words a day is so much easier!

Have a fantastic friday – very nearly the weekend! 🙂


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I just love the internet. For loads of reasons!

1. I can meet friends from all around the world, who willingly give me support, a shoulder, a kick.
2. I can find almost any piece of information I may need.
3. I can find pictures of almost anything.
4. I can read the papers without the paper.
5. I can read all the celeb gossip without my hubby knowing!
6. I can keep track of my diary, my to-do list, the food I have eaten, the exercise I have done, the weight I have lost and the miles I have run.
7. I can work any where, any time.
8. I can write a book.
9. I can find music I thought I’d forgotten, watch video’s, TV, films.

But best of all:

10. I can shop!

As someone who lives in the middle of nowhere, with no “proper” shops for hours, I love internet shopping. I can get stuff I didn’t even know I needed! :O)

I went shopping the other day and ordered a couple of DVD’s and a couple of books. I love books. I read lots, and write lots too! I buy them often. I also ordered some silicone baking trays, some cookie cutters and some new miracle face cream.

In the post today they all arrived. It was like Christmas! They are all wonderful, and delivered to my (remote) door in just a couple of days. Not long ago – 5 years maybe – I wouldn’t have been able to have any of them. Maybe that was a good thing, maybe I don’t actually *need* any of it – but back then I had no choice. Now I have a choice. It is just marvellous and I love it!

In other news – I went to work, I ate the usual lunch, I came home. I had mackerel and salad for dinner, with some wholemeal bread in the hope of upping my fibre and carb intake. Now I am going to plug in one of my DVD’s! :o)

Have a fabulous Friday friends.

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