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Shopping day today, which is always a treat, but today it was a special treat because I bought a new television!

I like my TV, and until now I have had a stack of devices precariously balanced and almost impossible to coordinate! I had on old analogue television, with a freeview box and a fancy Sony DVD recorder with a massive hard drive!

Now I have a fancy digital television, full HD LED and soooo pretty! I have hooked up the DVD with an HDMI cable and with a bit of fiddling have it all up and running! Watching Andy Murray at Wimbledon and I can see the whole court!

We did the usual smooch around town, Nero’s coffee and then to Sainsbury’s for the food shop. Outside the supermarket –


I could have – but I didn’t!

Instead I had yogurt for lunch and then did the food shop. Home and set up the television – never as easy as the book makes it look – but all done now. I finished in time for another walk before dinner.


Breezy, but nice out and some more flowers out – no idea what these are, but they made me smile!


Dinner was Thai Prawn Curry with coconut milk and stir fry veg. Another perfectly Paleo day!

I am now going to sit and enjoy my new purchase – have a lovely evening and a wonderful Sunday.

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Wasn’t Me

Evidently a UK person won £63 million on EuroMillions last night – unfortunately it wasn’t me. One day maybe!

Having not won the lottery we set off for a day out this morning. First we went up to a wetsuit shop to get some supplies, then on to the beach for a walk.


Which ended at a little cafe for the inevitable coffee!


Such a lovely garden to sit in, and we got a cheeky visitor!


He was disappointed not to find cake!

On from the beach to town where I snaffled a bargain and got 4 t-shirts for £10! They will be fine for the summer. Lunch was done at Nero’s – big coffee and a yogurt for me – the only food without wheat in it in the whole cafe! Hubby had a sandwich, so he was happy!

Our final stop was the supermarket where we picked up food for the week. Our weekly shop seems to be getting more and more expensive! I am sure everyone is feeling the recession now, it’s not comfortable is it?

Finally home in time for hubby to make a couple of blinds for the conservatory. He has claimed one end as his ‘studio’ to paint in, but it can be a bit too bright when the full sun is on it.

Dinner couldn’t come soon enough for me! I was starving and really enjoyed making and eating a Thai Prawn Curry with full fat coconut milk and some stir fry vegetables. Mmmm! 🙂

Lovely day – I hope it will be as nice tomorrow. Have a great day whatever you are doing.


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Back into a routine – it’s a nice comfortable feeling.

Saturday in this household is shopping day – so shopping we did! First into town for a few bits and bobs and the required Nero’s coffee. It’s lovely to see all the flags and bunting out for the Jubilee.


Then we went to BJ’s for bedding plants, where we also found one of those really awful plastic door things to keep the flues out of our conservatory! So naff, but so useful! We seem to be plagued by flies this year!

Then to Sainsbury’s for the food shopping. It was gone 1pm by the time we arrived, so we headed first to the cafe. The usual non-Paleo selection, but I am quite determined to get back to ‘proper’ eating, so just had a strawberry yogurt and some apple juice.

Unfortunately my favourite vehicle was outside – but I resisted!


Hocking’s is really the best ice cream in the world – if you ever get the opportunity, do try some! It is made in Appledore so you will only find it in North Devon – well worth a trip!

The rest of the afternoon was spent planting the tubs for the front of the house, and a few herbs we bought for the herb garden. Happily it is now raining lightly, so they will all love that.

Tomorrow I hope we get enough dry weather for a walk, but we will take what ever we get!

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Is It Friday Yet?

Why is it that short weeks always feel longer than normal weeks? I know we had Monday off, but this week seems to have lasted a lifetime!

Office day today, which was not good as I slept very badly last night and could have done with a few extra hours this morning. Still, up I got and just got on with what had to be done. First job – stop at Nero’s for coffee! Meetings got me through most of the morning without too much trouble. I was hoping to get a walk at lunch, but rain stopped play again and I ended up just wandering around the building for a while. To eat – salad and Jarlesberg cheese and an Activia Greek yogurt for dessert. Nice!

I am very proud to say I have not eaten anything all afternoon – which is almost a miracle when I am in the office. More meetings got me through the afternoon and I called at the supermarket on the way home to pick up a few bits. No nibbles! Dinner has been baked cod with braised leeks and courgettes – huge pile of vegetables which suited me really well. I’m quite full, but I know that will soon pass! I now have to get through the evening without doing too much damage!

My Paleo books arrived today – so my next job is to do some serious reading! I am really looking forward to learning the science behind the diet and how it might improve my overall health and well being. We will see!

Working at home tomorrow, so hopefully we will get a nice run/walk at the end of the day. Hope you have a lovely Friday!

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Summer’s Here!

It must be – I’ve just seen TWO swallows!


I know they’re tiny – but they are swallows!

Today has been an office day, so nothing exciting to report apart from the fact that I have eaten my way through the day again. I really must stop this. I had coffee from Nero’s first thing, then a banana and peanut butter mid morning, then cheese and salad, a bag of cheese squares, two yogurts, a bar of chocolate and a packet of Munchies. Probably enough, but then I came home and had smoked mackerel and salad for dinner. Phew! Way too much food.

We have just got in from a 2 mile walk, but it does not make up for all that food!


Lovely evening though, and a brief rest from the rain. I now need to do a bit more work, then I can sit down and chill.

Home tomorrow – yeah! Have a great day!


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Giant Puddles

Come on weather! What are you playing at? It’s not fun anymore! This mornings drive to work was interesting as the standing water has created giant puddles that cover the whole road in places. Not fun.

I got into town in time to stop at Nero’s for my morning fix to go, and still sat at my desk before 8 am. The whole day has been taken up with a product demo, yup, as boring as it sounds! We were given 20 minutes for lunch, which meant a quick dash back to my desk, down my salad and cheese and a yogurt and dash back again.

The only good thing about today has been that I have been so busy that is all I ate!

Home, and dinner of cold beef left over from dinner yesterday and more salad, this time with a couple of new potatoes. After dinner we did our walk because the rain has stopped and the next lot hasn’t arrived yet!


It comes as no surprise that the news said it has been the wettest April in a hundred years! No kidding?! 🙂

Back in the office again tomorrow. Ho hum! Have a lovely day!


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Chilly isn’t it? 🙂

Work again today, and when I went out to the car this morning it was minus 3 and I had to spend several minutes with a scraper. I hate doing that first thing in the morning. It was a beautiful sunrise though – I even thought about stopping the car and taking a photograph, but I didn’t – it was cold out there!

Work, then at lunch I took a walk into town to get some exercise. Still cold, but I used the iMapMyWalk app on my phone, which drove me on to crack on and keep moving. I did nearly 3 miles in just over an hour – which has to be better than sitting on my backside in the office. I had yogurts and lemon for lunch (and quite a lot of chocolate which I will not mention).

Meetings all afternoon, so I was ready for home when that time came. When I got in, hubby had done dinner – gammon, salad and some new potatoes – bless him!

I have done some strength training by way of push ups, squats, dumbbell side bends and curls and calf raises. That should counter some of the chocolate anyway!

I am working at home for the rest of the week (yeah!) and then on holiday next week, so the next time I have to drive into the office is not until 14th February! Go Me!

I am really hoping to get some plodding in over the next few days.

Have a lovely Wednesday!

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It’s still snowing! Winter is here – finally!

Got up bright and early for work this morning and happily it was not freezing, but there was still a good thick blanket of snow on the roads, and all over my car! I had to scrape it all off before I set out for work. The roads were white until I got down onto the main road, and then all was fine. It was still snowing when I drove home tonight, and unfortunately they are forecasting freezing temperatures over night. That could make tomorrow’s journey interesting!

So – work – can’t say more than that really. I managed to get out over lunch and walked up to the local shops in the rain and cold – but it was good to get out and get some exercise. Lunch was salad with cheddar cheese, followed by Greek yogurt and a spoon of lemon curd. I managed to avoid all traces of chocolate until I got home!

Home, and cold beef left over from last night with salad and a couple of new potatoes. Then I ate a large bag of giant chocolate buttons – pah! Didn’t need them, just wanted them. Sorry.

Tomorrow, I am hoping to do better – providing I can get out, I will be back at the office.

Have a lovely Tuesday!

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Good Evening!

Gosh – I am so tired today it has been a real struggle!

Today has been a much better food day though – go me! I managed to get through to lunch with no chocolate, and ate my salad and yogurt before heading out for a short walk. At least it isn’t as cold today as it was yesterday! Quite nice out at lunch, and I managed a bit of a wander to try and wake myself up and stop myself eating! Good ploy don’t you think?

This afternoon my brain has struggled to keep up, but I made it through without making a fool of myself, I find taking copious notes helps! I now need to write them all up – but at least I am aware of what happened!

Dinner tonight was salad again, with ham left over from yesterday, so food has been good. I’m heading for an early night I think as I have another day of meetings tomorrow. Oh dear!

Have a wonderful Thursday folks.

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Still Living Up to my Blog Title!

Another day at the office = another day over eating. I know I do it – I just need to stop! I took a banana, a salad with a little strong cheese, a yogurt, an apple and an orange to work – it should have been plenty to get me through the day, but I failed miserably again.

I bought and ate a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk, a pack of After Eight Mints and a yogurt covered flapjack.

When will I learn?

You can’t eat what you don’t buy!

Tomorrow, I am back at the office, but I will do my very best to stick to the food I have prepared and will take. No excuses – just eat properly for heavens sake!

It can’t be that hard can it?

Right – ticking off over – the rest of the day went alright, but I was late home, so no run today – but I did get a 40 minute walk in at lunch, so not completely hopeless.

Dinner hubby made – roast ham, with roast potato and cauliflower – lovely, if a little excessive after everything else I have eaten, but there you go!

Have a great Wednesday folks!

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