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Fish Face!

Although it hasn’t snowed today, yesterday’s hasn’t gone anywhere either!


We ventured out late morning and it was a barmy minus 1.5 outside! We scraped the car and gingerly made our way into town. We had a smooch around the shops and the inevitable coffee at Nero’s before heading off to the supermarket.

Stocked up again, we bought some lovely fresh salmon steaks which I oven baked for dinner. Yummy!


I’m hoping for a little bit above freezing tomorrow so we can get out for a walk.

Have a super Sunday!

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Cold Wet Legs

I had a great lie in today – once again in the spare room to save me waking up hubby with my coughing. It is so nice to cough freely!

It wasn’t too long between showering and lunch, so I had soup and a roll for brunch! After a bit of faffing we headed out for a walk before the forecast rain appeared.


Not 5 minutes after we set off and the rain started.


It was really still, so it was gentle rain just falling out of the sky – not the driving stuff that gets down your neck! So, it not being too bad we continued on and up to see a new wind generator that we watched being put up with a huge crane earlier in the week.


Close up it is huge – but in a good way! I love these wind turbines – such a fabulous sight. This one is at the local organic egg farm, so will run the electricity for the chucks!

We also stopped and had a chat to some sheep – I love sheep! These ladies are looking very round – I hope we have lambs soon!

By 2 miles my legs were getting wet through my now soaked trousers. I made it worse by deciding on a bit of ‘Big Society’ and clear a couple of drains on the lane that were blocked with leaves. It was very satisfying to see the water finally drain away, but it was all a bit messy so now I’m soaked, wet legs matched with wet feet and mud all over!

The last mile and a half was done quite quickly to get home to the warmth and some dry clothes – not to mention a nice cup if tea!

As I type my jacket is in the washing machine – that’s the second load – all our other clothes got done first. Having said all of that, I had a great time and yes, it was worth it!

Dinner time! We have baked salmon steaks marinating in soy sauce, orange juice and rind, chopped stem ginger and a chopped red chilli – we will have that with some celeriac mash and peas. Mmm! Can’t wait!

Tomorrow it’s back to the office. Boo.

Have a marvellous Monday!

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It’s rained all day! If it wasn’t wet enough already today’s rain has just sat in huge great puddles & the forecast is for more of the same but with gale force winds! Joy!

We did go shopping today, armed with big coats and brollies we headed into town late morning and did some window shopping. We enjoyed coffee and shared a sandwich in Nero’s, then off to Sainsbury’s for the food shop.

Home mid afternoon and faffed about until it was time to cook dinner. Mostly we watched it rain!


The conservatory isn’t being used much!

Technically today was a rest day from the run/walk programme – I’m rather hoping the rain will stop for long enough for us to jiggle around the block tomorrow.

Have a super Sunday!

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Shopping & More Shopping!

A rare treat – we did the usual shopping yesterday bit then did a bit more today!

Yesterday was sunny and freezing cold, so we spent most of the day doing various chores and bits of shopping. Home late afternoon, but just enough time for a walk around the block before dinner.


I had my big jacket on and my hands firmly stuffed into my pockets.


I enjoyed the extra hour in bed! We got up late today and then, at hubby’s request, took off down to Exeter to have a look around.


This new John Lewis opened just a couple of weeks ago. It’s huge! Hubby decided we could probably spend all day in the one shop! We didn’t – we took a look in the Nike shop and hubby got some new trousers, then into the Apple shop for a play, then various other places. We finally got coffee at Nero’s and then headed home.

Such a lovely day – it’s not often we go smooching around the shops. The miracle is – I didn’t spend a single penny!

No extra hour tonight so I will be reluctant to get up for work tomorrow. Never mind – hope you have had a lovely weekend and do have a marvellous Monday!

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Seaside Walk, a little run and Amazing Skydiving!

Had a lovely day! It started with a bit of faffage at home, then soup for lunch, then off to the beach!


It was chilly, but a lovely day for a walk.


We then went for coffee and then home. Then – don’t faint! We went for a run! It was very run/walk – but I ran! We did our usual 2 miles, but this time 15 minutes quicker than walking! Yeah! 🙂

There’s no stopping me now! I feel a Spring 10k coming up!

Dinner was salmon – lovely!

Now we have sat upstairs watching Felix Baumgartner freefall from 128,000 feet! Blimey! The highest I jumped from was 14,000 feet! An amazing skydive – such a very brave man. I hope he gets a medal!

I’m sitting down now – I have a feeling I’m going to hurt in the morning!

Have a marvellous Monday!

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Found Art

Another lovely day! I woke myself up coughing just before the church bells started! No chance of a lie in today!

We sorted ourselves out and headed to the Burton Art Gallery at Bideford. We have just become members (friends!) of the gallery and wanted to book on a day course learning to do woodcuts. Unfortunately the course is full, but there are enough people in reserve for the tutor to run another event if she wishes. We added our name to the list and hope she decides to do another.

While we were there we took amok around. There is a wonderful exhibition by Leonard Ruskin – lots of fabulously funny crows!


I just love those hairy knees! I love crows – magnificent, clever and social birds – and the subject of three of the books I have written for NaNoWriMo! Can’t beat a good crow story!

Having topped up with coffee at the Cafe Du Parc we headed to Westward Ho! beach. A lovely walk and a treasure hunt for ‘found art’. Don’t laugh! It’s a whole industry down here! We found some interesting burnt wood with nails in that I have turned into this –


A great branch and tin can –


And a whole bag of small bits of plastic – which necessitated us calling at Sainsburys on the way back for a giant vase!


I’m thinking we need to rename our house to ‘gallery’ and start our own exhibition! 🙂

Dinner was baked salmon that I marinaded in soy sauce, orange juice and rind, chopped red chillies and two chopped balls of stem ginger. Lovely!

Time to chill now as work madness starts again tomorrow.

Have a great evening and marvellous Monday!

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This & That, Here & There

Had an out & about day today – after a very late start! We started by going to the Art Exhibition again to make sure all was well (it was) then into a new gallery to try and get some wall space.

Then off into Barnstaple for a spot of shopping. Hubby got some new shoes to play badminton in, and I got some new work shoes from M&S! While we were there we popped into the cafe for coffee and shared a sandwich for lunch. Having done town, we went to the supermarket as usual for the food shop.

Home, put stuff away, put salmon in to marinade, out for a walk.


Lovely day – cold wind, but nice to see the sun out. The sheep were happy!


Farmers are still busy cutting silage.


Lovely walk followed by lovely salmon for dinner.

Tomorrow we will be out and about again as we have to collect the pictures from the exhibition that ends tomorrow evening, then we go on to another gallery to the opening of another exhibition! It’s all go!

Have a smashing Sunday!

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Today has been a bin bag day! It started very late as I laid in bed thinking about getting up until 10.30am. It was raining, I could hear it.

It has since rained all day, hence the bin bags. I finally got around to sorting out my clothes cupboards and wardrobe – long over due! Three bin bags later, I have room to see what I have to wear and nothing that doesn’t fit!

Lunch was soup, dinner I cooked salmon steaks and leak mash. A bit too much really – very rich. I need to modify the recipe a bit to make it a bit lighter to eat.

Hubby has sorted some pictures going to an exhibition next weekend, which meant taking them off the dining room wall! In turn that means we get a whole new set of pictures on the wall!


I like all of these – so lucky to have such a talented hubby!

It’s been a nice relaxing day, so I am ready for the week ahead.

Have a marvellous Monday!

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Home & a Different Routine

Gone are the days of getting up, going surfing, lunch, long walk on the coast path, dinner.

Today we were back to the at home routine of shopping, housework and washing! We did the supermarket shop this morning, then home for lunch of soup. I bought some chinese chicken & sweet corn soup – it promised so much and delivered none of it! It was gloppy and artificial – I will not bother again!

This afternoon I have sorted the house out, done three lots of washing and juggled clothes from the line to the hanger inside to try and get most of it dry.

Late this afternoon we hit the lanes again for our walk.


There was some excitement as patch repairs have been done!


I wonder if it will stop it flooding? No doubt we will soon find out. Saw these lovely girls too –


Pretty ladies!

Dinner has been baked salmon, leek mash and broccoli – nice!

Back to work tomorrow – oh dear! Have a lovely Monday!

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Holiday Day 4

Our best day yet! 9.3 miles walked & I’m exhausted!

This morning dawned a bit misty.


The surf was rubbish, so we put on jackets and headed up the valley to a new place called The Point. It is passed Shilla Mill – a beautiful old farm house built in 1591 and tucked away half way up the valley.


We had coffee at the Point, which is mainly a Golf Course, then headed back via the main road. Home for lunch, which consisted of some nice fresh bread, Cornish butter and Cornish Brie with a tomato!

Then we walked to Rock and took the ferry to Padstow.


Still busy!


Lovely place though – famous for Rick Stein’s restaurant and fish!


We had coffee in the Custom House, then headed home. Boy my legs ache! We are now sat in the Oystercatcher pub having been fed a lovely dinner of pan fried salmon on a bed of leeky mash – mmmm! 🙂

Tomorrow I really hope to do a bit more sitting down! Have a lovely day.

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