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Well, there was good news from the Oncologist – the chemotherapy has shrunk the tumour by 60%! I must admit, 100% would have been great, but I’ll take 60%.

The next stage will be radiotherapy, probably a couple of weeks worth, but we have to wait to see the radiotherapist to discuss exactly what and when. Hopefully that will start in a week or so after our holiday.

Today I have seen my GP and been signed off work for a further six months – I hope we can soon organise retirement through ill health and I won’t need to be signed off again. Later this afternoon I saw my dentist to fix a broken tooth – it’s still all go! The dentist said I need a crown, but has put a temporary filling in there to see me through.


Finally I’m done with appointments! Tomorrow we are going to Cornwall for a weeks holiday. We need a bit of a break!

Forgot the picture! Here’s our lovely garden!


Also, this morning I got stuck in a traffic jam – Devon style!


Have a terrific Thursday!

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Teeth & Sniffles

After a long night of tossing and turning the sore throat that kept me awake has turned into a cold! Pah! I could do without it!

Despite the sore throat and sniffles I went to the dentist to see the hygienist and get a wash & polish! She was a very nice lady and did everything slowly and carefully – I smile a very sparkly smile now. I could easily have cancelled, but I am now very pleased I just went and got it over with and hopefully it will prevent any issues that are common with chemotherapy.

From the dentist we went to Sainsbury’s to pick up a few bits and bobs & hubby got a very nice stripey t-shirt at half price! Got to love a bargain!

With my new found “just do it” attitude, we even went out for a walk this afternoon. Not as warm as yesterday, but pleasant enough.


Love sheep!


For dinner I did an old favourite of Nigella’s Spring Chicken – I very nearly tasted it! 🙂

Let’s hope tomorrow my sniffles are gone and I feel a bit more lively!

Have a terrific Thursday!

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Badminton Night & Tiredness

Yesterday was a long and busy day! I worked at the office, but left quite early in the afternoon due to flooding. It rained all day, and all day my twitter stream became full of flood reports, local roads closed etc. I took the hint and left about 3.30pm.

The journey home was interesting! Loads of standing water and cars taking it in turn to get through flooded roads. Made it though!

Thursday nights are badminton nights, so despite a raging urge to sleep, off we went for an hours knock about. It was fun, but I was stupidly tired! Hence, no blog yesterday!

Today I have worked at home, interrupted by dentists and doctors! I had a mid day appointment at the dentist to fix the tooth I broke a bit off earlier in the week. She patched me up and sent me off with instructions not to eat or drink for an hour! Lunch was soup and late!

This afternoon I went back to the doctor about my four month old cough. More antibiotics given. I hope they work! Dinner was curry – very nice!

Today it has mainly been wet again.


It’s the weekend! Yeah! Have a wonderful one!

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Dentist Day

You know how I feel about dentists! Today was a first – the first time I have been to a ‘normal’ six-monthly check up! In the past I have just waited until I absolutely *had* to go – the longest was seven years!

Today I was brave and off we went to get my check-up, with the promise of coffee after.


We had to stop on the way for these guy’s –


Heading off to a new field!

So – dentist gave me the all clear and an appointment for February 2013 – Yeah!

Home and poached eggs for lunch with bacon, hubby had toast and tomatoes too. That’s it for food today – the second of two fast days for this week.

We have just been for our usual walk instead of eating! But drizzly out.


The lovely cows in the field opposite –


Just having a sit down!

Now I have some research to do, so have a great evening and a fantastic Friday!

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Recovery Day 5

Good Evening!

It all started so well! When I got up my leg felt so much better this morning, the whole leg from the knee down is a fetching shade of yellow, and around the ankle, a quite lovely purple – but much less swelling.

I have moved around much better today, but I am attributing the improvement to my elevation plan, so I was back in the chair by 09.30 am. There I stayed until lunch. Back to plain Tomato soup, a slice of whole grain and a bit of butter. Nice.

After lunch I had a dentist appointment to look at the wobbly tooth that caused all the stress last week (would they or wouldn’t they operate!). She X-rayed the tooth and declared it needed to go. What??? I really did not expect that. I had it taken out there and then. I can’t describe how frightened I was / yes – I’m a baby! My whole body shook as she did it!

Despite it being a horrible thing, she did not hurt me at all and I was out in 5 minutes. Poor hubby was waiting for me and couldn’t understand why I was crying and shaking! I couldn’t really explain as my whole mouth was numb!

We went straight to the supermarket and bought 3 litres of wine! That’ll take a hammering later!

How’s this for a view from a car park;



Beautiful isn’t it?

So, home and a bit of rest before heading out for a walk. I signed up for the Nike+ “Make it Count” challenge – 1 mile on 29th Feb, so I did 1.03 miles in 34 minutes! Go me! That has knocked 10 minutes off my time yesterday! Hubby ran – he started with me, then ran down the hill and back to meet me on my way home.

Home for dinner of Spring Chicken and a huge pile of cabbage. I was starving (nothing new!) but eating is not easy with a big hole in your mouth! I did my best, but I could kill for a giant bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk!

I’m now back on my chair, foot up, coffee in hand.

Tomorrow – I really hope will be completely uneventful! Have a good one!


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Spring Has Sprung

What a lovely spring day we have had!


It has been a long office day, but it started nicely with a large Nero’s skinny latte. I was in the office very early, but there still weren’t enough hours in the day!

I paused for lunch about 1.30pm, salad, cheddar and a Weight Watchers yogurt, then back to it. By 5pm I still had some more to do, but abandoned my desk and came home. Hubby had dinner ready – ham, salad and new potatoes – bless him! Then back to work for another hour. I think I am sorted!

That’s the good news – the bad news is that I managed to break – or rather half-break, a tooth on my salad! I have a crowned tooth that was a little “wobbly” – well, it’s now very wobbly! I ask you – anything else? The thing that worries me is that I have my operation tomorrow and I really hope they won’t postpone because of my unstable tooth. I’ll pull it out if needs be! I just don’t want them to use it as an excuse to postpone again. I have my fingers crossed.

I am at the hospital mid day tomorrow for a pm operation, so next time we talk I should be fixed. How exciting is that!

Have a marvellous Friday folks – I know I will!

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All Wrapped Up

So much going on!

First, I have new teeth! They are marvellous, and made eating my salad tonight a very pleasant experience! I spent all of about 10 minutes at the dentist this morning, and she fitted my lovely new bridge. It feels so much more stable than the last one – I am delighted! Even better than that – this session of treatment is finished – my next appointment is in August for a check up. Yeah!

We came home rather than go for coffee and cake as it was so cold out there – minus 3 at 10.30am – ridiculously cold and not the kind of weather you wander around the shops in! I made nice coffee at home to make up for it, and we set to sorting out the jobs that are left to do to finish the decorating. We had a quick and early lunch – tomato soup and a roll today, and then it was back to the painting. We finished painting the windows, sills, outside windows, sills and front porch. Phew!

Finally, after we put everything away we went for another run! It was back at minus 3C (26 degrees F), so I had loads of clothes on, but nice to get out again. I think I set the “most amount of clothes you can wear and still run” record today – I had on a short sleeved technical t-shirt, then a long sleeved very thin thermal base layer, then a thicker thermal long sleeved top, topped off with a wind proof jacket. Trousers, thick socks, gloves, hat and a buff! Surprisingly, I was still cold for the first mile or so, but gradually warmed up, but never got overly warm. Roll on summer hey!

Dinner was salmon, salad and some more mini roast potatoes – wonderful with salad cream on! It was so much easier eating my dinner today – I actually enjoyed it.

Tomorrow I have to start cleaning the house as there is dust everywhere from the cob (mud!) they had to cut through for the new windows. It’s really fine dust that seems to have covered everything – I’m starting in the kitchen and working my way through the house. I may be some time! 🙂

Have a terrific Thursday everyone!

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What Wednesday?


I’m really not sure where today has gone!

I got up fairly early (considering I have the day off) and tackled a few emails before we had to head out. We went to the dentist for my appointment at 10.20am and the next thing I remember is hubby ushering my out of the room at about 11.30am!

He tells me we went for coffee and I had a bit of lemon cake before driving home – but I remember nothing of any of it – shame really – I like lemon cake!

I went to bed when we got home – maybe 12.30ish, and got up just before 5pm! I am still really tired, which is strange, because last time I had IV sedation at the dentist (all of two weeks ago) I only slept for an hour or so and then felt fine. This time I had my broken bridge removed, the teeth under “dealt” with, and then a temporary bridge added – my mouth feels sore and my teeth too big, but at least it is getting fixed right?

I had a little fish and vegetables for dinner, but neither my teeth or my head actually belong to me right now! I have managed to email work and tell them I’ll work from home tomorrow, but it is a really struggle to think right now! I just hope it’s better tomorrow after a good night’s sleep.

I feel like a real slacker – we have done no running since the weekend, and there is no way I am doing anything other than getting an early night tonight – maybe tomorrow.

Have a tremendous Thursday friends.

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Why do we do stupid things? Is it just me who is really clumsy and unthinking sometimes?

Last night I got up from the sofa to go make coffee only to find my foot had gone to sleep! I tripped over the edge of the carpet and tipped my foot up to the point where it made a quite awful cracking noise. All night it hurt, but with absolutely no outward sign of injury – thankfully.

Today it is sore, so I made the decision not to drive to work, but work at home today, so I was in the office and sending emails before 7am! It has been a long day!

About 10am I was starving, so had a pot of zero percent Greek yogurt, which saw me through until lunch, which was soup and bread again. I don’t think I will ever get bored of eating that!

I spent the afternoon buried in emails and reports, and then finally gave up about 5pm and dug out the leftovers from yesterday for a corned beef salad. Hubby had the leftover new potatoes fried up with his salad, I stuck to just salad!

Oh – and I fell off the sugar-free wagon today! I had a really bad headache and gave in to the sugar – surprise surprise, it made it better, but now I just have to go through it all again. Lesson learned!

I have the day off tomorrow as I have the dentist again – another hour of treatment with IV sedation, so I am confident I will know nothing about it!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Hi Everyone!

Survived the day and the dentist! I have a cracked bridge and we discussed options for fixing it – a new one will have to be made and fitted, the old one will have to get cut off! That is going to happen on Wednesday, with IV sedation again, so happily I will know nothing about it – apart from how much it is going to cost! Oh well, has to be done otherwise I can’t eat my veggies! :o)

I’m jumping ahead of myself – I worked from home today, so a fairly early start and I got stuck into the usual pile of emails. Then it was off to the dentist, and home for a late lunch of soup and bread as per yesterday. More work this afternoon, and as it was raining, we decided on a rest day after yesterday’s epic walk. I guess that was a bit wimpy, but there you go – I didn’t take any persuading not to get wet and cold out there!

Nothing from the hospital as yet about my operation – I am hoping to have a date soon so that I can plan things! I am not the most patient (no pun intended!) of people!

Dinner was salad, with a little cold beef and a couple of new potatoes. There is something mentally satisfying about eating a whole plate full of vegetables – I love them! The salad was a pile of shredded lettuce, chopped cucumber, chopped celery, spring onions, tomatoes and sweetcorn. It looked as pretty as a picture – I do like it when food looks as good as it tastes.

Today is day three of no sugar – could it be a streak? 🙂

Tomorrow I have to go into the office for meetings, but that’s okay as I am home again on Wednesday (but with a big dentist appointment), I suffer when I have several consecutive days at the office, this week it will be fine as I am only in on Tuesday and Thursday. Lovely.

Have a terrific Tuesday!

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