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An End & A Beginning

I thought the Closing Ceremony for the Olympics was fabulous – especially The Who! Fabulous! It did go on a bit though! It was gone midnight when it finished and therefore gone half past midnight before we were in bed. With a 6.30am start that’s not good.

The beginning of the working week arrived way too early! I was so tired and faced the whole day in a training course – luckily it was interesting!

I took tuna salad for lunch and ate it in the car while the others were provided with sandwiches and cake. My Paleo streak continues. It was a late finish, so even later by the time I got home. Dinner was ham salad – then out for a walk.


It was a lovely evening, so we played around with shadows! Hubby’s MoBot –


Not forgetting the Bolt!


So funny!

A great end to a long day. I feel an early night is in order! Have a great evening and a terrific Tuesday.


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End of the Games

So sad that tonight is the Closing Ceremony of the Olympics – what will I do every night now? I watched the men’s marathon this morning – amazing runners especially in the heat. Not forgetting Mo Farah last night! What a magnificent performance and a hugely deserved second gold medal!

All I could muster today was a short 2.26 mile walk/run!


The clouds threatened but the rain stayed off – humid though!


I wonder what they are going to plant in this field?

Dinner tonight was roast lamb with sage & rosemary and served with cabbage, carrots and broccoli.

Oh – and good news! I lost a pound last week! Go me! 🙂 Maybe this fasting will work.

Tomorrow I am back to work and back to two days training – so a nice way to ease myself back!

Have a marvellous Monday.

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More Sport

I really have no idea what I am going to do with myself when the Olympics end tomorrow. I have placed myself on the sofa again, eagerly awaiting Mo Farah running the 5k tonight.

Today we went shopping as promised. We called at Nero’s for some yummy coffee and mooches around town buying nothing! Then onto the supermarket for the food shop.

We had quite a cheap grocery bill this week, as we are planning fast days on Tuesday and Thursday. Makes menu planning easy!


Then it was walk time. Hot again today, but thankfully there is a nice breeze just cooling things a little.


The cows seem to really like the warm weather, they were really interested in what I was doing too!

Dinner tonight has been our usual Thai Prawn Curry with stir fry veg. Lovely!

Coffee time now – then – Go Mo!

Have a great evening and smashing Sunday.

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More Amazing Moments!


What a great Olympics this is! I can’t praise the athletes enough – just terrific!

I have sat on my backside all day editing my book. Not conducive to getting fit. Ho hum. I watched BBC’s Horizon programme last night on intermittent fasting – most interesting. I like the idea of a 500 calorie day followed by a normal day. They say there is a lot of evidence that it not only helps you lose weight, but has great health benefits too, giving the body time to repair itself. I like this idea. I will give it a go.

Today has been a lean day food wise as hubby wants to work his way up to fasting! I had salad for dinner and lunch, tuna and ham for protein. Nicely Paleo and just a few calories.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to do a bit more with my book, and a bit more exercise! I hope the rain stops sometime soon. I can’t wait for summer to arrive!


Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Lie In

So nice not to have to work this week! I have a few things planned, but a lie in was most welcome. All this watching of the amazing Olympic games is making me tired!

Did you see the 100 metres last night? Wow! Bolt is just a superstar! Along with all the other amazing competitors – what a show of commitment, dedication, sacrifice and performance.

I did get out for a walk today.


Typically it was dry when we set out, wet by the time we got home!


Just enough room for one tractor and one walker! Did the usual circuit to the Beacon and around.


I have also started to edit my book – well, three books! They were three books each if just over 50,000 words – now they are one book of 150,000 words! Some severe editing to be done – but you have to start somewhere if you want to be a best selling author!

Food today has been good and Paleo! Egg salad for lunch, chicken curry and mushrooms for dinner.

Lovely day – now for another evening of Olympics! Have a tremendous Tuesday!

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Amazing TeamGB!

Another lazy day for me – but what a night for TeamGB last night! Jessica Ennis – what a star! And Mo Farah, and Greg Rutherford. Then today – Andy Murray and Ben Ainsley. Just fantastic!

So looking forward to tonight too!

So, lunch for me was salmon and salad, dinner – roast chicken with loads of veg. Only then did we get up off the sofa and get some exercise ourselves!


Lots of water today, do opportunity for a reflection photo!


Nice evening after some huge downpours today.


I have next week off – so no work for me. Sorry! 🙂

Have a marvellous Monday!


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Lucky People

I checked my email this morning to find that I had won the lottery! On checking the web site it turned out to be a £2.50 win! So lucky!

We did town and shopping, but not before a quick look at the Olympics and Jessica Ennis doing the long jump. Lunch we had at home and pretty late, so I just had a small salad.

More television (!) and then a quick walk before dinner.


Lucky we missed the showers, but double-lucky because I found a horse shoe! It was laying in the road – so I picked it up and brought it home. It is now washed and hung over the door to hopefully bring even more luck.

I’m afraid it’s more television for me – watching the cycling, then the final event in the pentathlon, fingers crossed for Jessica! Then Mo Farah goes in the 10k – I ran ‘with’ him at the London BUPA 10k last year, so I will be cheering hard!

WooHoo! Another Gold & world record for TeamGB’s ladies cycle pursuit team! Amazing!

Have a super Sunday!


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Work, Rest & Play

Happy Friday! I’m so pleased – I have next week off!

I worked from home today, which proved quite hard as the Olympics news feed kept distracting me! It started mid-morning with Jessica Ennis breaking the record for her hurdles in the pentathlon! Go Jess! After that I turned the twitter feed off! Just far too distracting with stuff to do.

Lunch was smoked salmon and salad, then back to work, but not before booking myself a manicure for next week – got to love a bit of pampering!

I enjoyed turning on my Out Of Office message at 4pm and off we went for a walk.

We have had showers today, but we were lucky and kept dry!


Met these guys who were quite interested in us!


You can see the dark clouds were looming – but they stayed away for us.

An early dinner of lamb curry and I am now settled into couch-potato mode to watch the Olympics until they turn it off!

Have a great evening and a lovely weekend!

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Go TeamGB!

Wow! The Olympics are fantastic! Such great sport – all the competitors – just fabulous!

Work today, so I am looking forward to catch up with happenings at London 2012 tonight.

I went into the office today, so meetings! I went into town at lunch, then egg salad to eat. More meetings – home for left-over quiche and salad for dinner. By the time we had finished eating the rain had stopped so we ventured out for a walk.


We got nearly half way when puddles stopped play!


Way too deep to walk through, so we turned around and came home.


Lovely out tonight. Tomorrow I hope we can get a bit further!

Home tomorrow then a whole week off. Can’t wait!

Have a fab Friday – back to the television for me!

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The Olympics are taking over my life (and my Twitter feed)! I have the BBC’s live news feed on my pc whilst trying to work – I’m so pleased I have next week off work!

Today I have worked from home, so was able to watch the live feed of the girls taking rowing gold, then Bradley winning the time trial – what stars they all are! Just amazing sights from London 2012.

I got quite a lot of work done – despite the distractions. Lunch was soup today – made a nice change. This afternoon has been quite nice with a little sunshine – until we got our gear on to go out for a walk when it decided to rain. We started out, but it was not nice out there, so turned home quite quickly.

I stood and watched it rain from the comfort of our conservatory!


I made quiche for dinner, which I ate without the crust, with salad and sweet potato chips. Now I can sit and watch the games guilt-free all night!

Have a tremendous Thursday.

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