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Just finished work so I am now officially on holiday! I now have 12 days off – returning on 2nd January! Yeah!

It’s been a wet dank day today, so I have yet to venture out of the house. We will be shortly as it is Badminton night. The court is booked for 7pm, so I have just enough time for a cuppa before we go.

Work is all tidied up, email in box is as tidy as it can be. Phew!

Lunch today was the last of the ham, which I put in a sandwich and had a side of salad left over from dinner last night. A free meal! That’s it – fast day today.

Tomorrow I get my car back – hopefully dried out and leak free! Too exciting – I may go shopping!

Have a fantastic Friday!


Soon be Christmas! 🙂

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What a difference a day makes – as the song proclaims! Today – rain, mizzle, fog and general dimpsy-ness, a stark contrast to yesterday’s sunshine.

My day started early, a bit of work and then a drive to the doctors surgery for more blood tests. Not a great way to start the day – nurse seemed to struggle a bit and had a painful rummage around! Still, soon done and I was on my way home for a well earned coffee.

Work, then lunch of soup again – definitely soup weather! Work all afternoon then we got togged up to face the fog.


Very spooky out there – roads to nowhere!


The forecast is more rain, so it was good to get out at all, mizzle is much better than full on rain!

Last working day tomorrow before my Christmas holiday commences. Yeah!

Have s terrific Thursday!

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Double Done

What a lovely day it has been!


Another smashing day working at home, so having done loads this morning and a quick bowl of soup for lunch, we headed out. We decided to go for our walk at lunch today to make the most of the sunshine.


It was just lovely out and I really enjoyed the sunshine before settling back in front of the computer for the afternoon.

The forecast is for rain tomorrow, so having seen that, hubby decided we should try a bit of running! Here we go! I’m rubbish at running at the moment – my cough is some sort of lung infection (excuse #1) and I’m fat (excuse #2)! I did my best run/walk effort and finished 2 miles in just over 30 minutes. All things considered – not bad. Well – actually it is bad, but it’s a start!

The view home with the mummy-to-be sheep, out house and the church behind:


Yes – it’s uphill!

Another good day for me – have a wicked Wednesday!

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Scratching at Wood

Not a lot to report today as we have spent the whole day learning how to do wood engraving by a lady who has exhibited at the Royal Academy. Lucky people!

We spent the first half an hour being shown the wood and tools and the basics, then got given this –


Just a small test piece to learn how to use the tools. My first masterpiece!


Then we got some more instruction and a bigger bit of wood. This time it took three hours to get to this –


My final print –


I don’t suppose the RA will be calling but I am happy that in just one day I have made and printed my own wood engraving!

That leaves tomorrow to get all the chores done. Have a smashing Sunday!

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Non Stop Rain

What a gloomy old day! It hasn’t stopped raining all day, it’s been dark and horrible!

Happily I have spent the whole day on meetings, so I have managed to avoid getting wet!


The view from my office window – wet hey? 🙂

Meetings went well, lunch was hard boiled eggs and salad. Luckily nothing too hard as I managed to break off a bit of tooth cleaning my teeth this morning – not the best start to the day!

I now have a dentist and a doctors appointment on Friday – now there’s a day to look forward to! 🙂

I’m working at home tomorrow, so I get half a lie in – yippee! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Another day at the office, so meetings and boring stuff like that – sorry!

Tuna for lunch and ham for dinner – sounds good doesn’t it? Well, I guess I need to mention the pack of Rolo’s and mint Aero bar! Whoops!

This evening we took the rugby ball for a walk – bit nippy out there tonight!


Lovely bit of sunshine, but chilly.


Me and my shadow! 🙂

Finally I get a day working at home tomorrow, so a mini lie in will be most welcome.

Have a lovely day!

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H minus 3

Back to work today, but it’s okay because there are only three days until our holiday!

All meetings today, so little to report apart from the fact that my fast lasted until lunch today when I had the usual tuna and lettuce. I was starving, but I hope it’s doing me good.

Tonight we had ham salad for dinner and have just got back from our walk. Know what this means? –


Right! We got wet! When we set off it was nice – I didn’t even take a jacket.


It soon turned to rats, but never mind – it’s only water!

I’m tired now – it has been a long day, so an evening on the sofa and an early night will suit me just fine. Have a nice evening and a wonderful Wednesday.

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Meetings R Us

Another long and busy day at work. Meetings after meetings meant that I got to eat my tuna lunch at 2.15 pm! By then I was starving!

The afternoon has been spent in more meetings.


Can you tell that I work on the flight path to Exeter Airport? 🙂

Home and ham salad for dinner and we will probably do a quick walk soon after dinner has gone down. For now I have a bit if reading to do –


This arrived today and I can’t wait to see what lovely things are in there!

Happily I will be working at home tomorrow – I hope you have a terrific Thursday!

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Good Day Friday

I worked at home today, so not much to say about that! I had ham salad for lunch – that was as exciting as it got!

This afternoon we got our walk in – a bit drizzly, but certainly better than the torrents that came down this morning.


We ate dinner early – chicken casserole – most yummy! Then we went out! Most unusual! I can’t remember the last time we went out, but tonight was the preview night at the Burton Art Gallery for their Summer Exhibition. Hubby put in two paintings, both were rejected but we got tickets to go anyway.


Free wine! Lots of people, and some really nice pictures.



Nice Grebe – and a lovely hare –


My favourites were the wild flowers – just lovely.


A lively evening was had by all.

Tomorrow – shopping! Have a super Saturday!

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Work today was the second of two days training. All done – so I’m now trained!

It was a long day of concentrating, so lunch was a welcome break. I had two hard boiled eggs, a slice of ham and some salad. Today is another ‘fast’ day, so that was it for the rest of the day.

Training finished late, so home and out for a walk rather than eating!


Nice and warm out, but rain is threatening and forecast for later.


Tiny snap dragons! No doubt they have a fancy name, but I call them baby snap dragons!

Tomorrow I am working at home and have a Consultant appointment to get the results of my MRI – exciting!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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