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Shopping & Coffee

Saturdays are probably my favourite days of the week! Today we got up late and then wandered into town for a spot of shopping.

We smooched around the shops for a while but it was really cold out today – even a few flurries of snow! Since starting chemo I have really felt the cold so we ducked into Nero’s and sat drinking coffee.

Second stop was Curry’s – looking for a new larder fridge to replace our rusting 10+ year-old one. They had a reasonable choice, but we decided to look around a bit before buying.

Then on to Sainsbury’s for the food shop – nothing exciting there then! Finally home for a now very late lunch. This afternoon has been spent sat on my backside watching the rugby. Lovely hubby made a fire!


This evening will be much the same!

Have a super Sunday!

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Saturday Out & About

What a lovely day! Cold out there, but I like the dry bright crispness of Winter.

Last night I was relegated to the spare room as the coughing is getting a bit much for poor hubby. Instead of waking him up, I just woke myself up at 4am and then again at 6 am. Tired? Me? Oh yes!

I did manage to stay in bed until 9.30 though, which meant a pretty lazy late start. It was gone 11am by the time we left the house for some retail therapy. We did Homebase, then town where I spent a few vouchers in Marks & Spencer and got myself a lovely leather belt for my jeans – free! I love free stuff!

We paused for coffee in Nero’s and shared a toasted ham & mozzarella sandwich for lunch.

Anyone would think it’s nearly Christmas – town was very busy and queues everywhere. I love Christmas, but I’ll be glad when the crowds are a little less.

Even Sainsbury’s was busy! We got the weekly shop done so the fridge is stocked for the week again.

We got home in time to walk around the block.


Lovely sky today.


Blimey it gets dark early doesn’t it!


They say it is going to be back to wet stuff tomorrow – joy. I may be forced to do some housework!

Have a super Sunday!

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Good Hair Day

Saturdays are marvellous!

Today I took the bus to town to get my hair done.


Thus is my once-a-year trip on a bus. It saves hubby waiting 2 hours for me, and of course it helps me support the local public transport. There is one bus a day into town, and one bus a day home – except on Sundays when there is no bus! I guess, living where we do, we are lucky to have one bus.


The ‘before’ look – shame I forgot the ‘after’! Sorry! It’s coppery red now – I’m quite taken with it. I thought hubby would be a bit shocked but he actually said it could be brighter! Yeah!

Okay – I’ll take a picture now – but remember it’s artificial light!


Nice! 🙂

Hair done, we went shopping and that took the rest of the day – including coffee stops.

Such a good day. Tomorrow they say the sun is going to shine, so I’m taking my new hair to the beach!

Have a super Sunday!

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You will have noticed that there has been a lack of exercise on my part this week. Well, the weather has been rubbish! Today we tried to ignore the weather and went for a walk. Soaked!


We did the usual town shopping then supermarket shopping and managed to dodge the showers. Even sunny enough for a marching band in town!


In fact, it stayed fairly dry until we stepped out of the door to go for a walk. The first half was very wet, then we got a very welcome bit of sun.


I was really happy to see the sun, and felt a little overdressed!


Settling down for a nice evening at home and Strictly! It should be great entertainment!

Have a lovely evening and a smashing Sunday.

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Autumn Crispness

What a beautiful day!


It started a bit late for me – I coughed most of the night, so at about 1:00 am I picked up my pillows and quilt and retired to the spare room. There is no bed in there (now on the list!), so I put the quilt on the floor and rolled it around me. Not comfy, but at least I could cough without disturbing hubby.

So, a lazy start meant it was late morning by the time we went onto town. I dropped off some old clothes at the charity shop, bought a ball pump for the rugby ball, then had coffee in my favourite Nero’s. We dropped in at a new cafe as the lady is willing to have local artists exhibit in the restaurant, so hubby did some schmoozing!

From town we headed to the supermarket. First we got a take out sandwich, bag of crisps and bottle of apple juice – a meal deal for £3! We sat outside in the sunshine and shared it all. That is where I noticed the lovely autumn colours of the trees outside the supermarket. Just lovely.


Lunch done, shopping done, home and put away. It was so nice we took the long route for our walk – 3.5 miles and it was beautiful.


Lots of water around from yesterday, but not too bad.


I’m looking forward to watching Strictly in a moment, so a nice relaxing night for me. I hope I can get through tonight without too much coughing!

Have a super Sunday!

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Let the Countdown Begin – H minus 6

Less than a week to go and we will be back in our most favourite place ever – Cornwall! We have a cottage booked for the week from next Saturday. I am excited already! This week is going to be unbearable!

Today we did the usual shopping trips – town first (Nero’s coffee!) then the supermarket. Wandering around meant it was mid afternoon before we got home. For lunch we grabbed a posh sandwich in Sainsburys and ate it sat on the wall outside!

Home and after sorting everything out, we headed out for a walk.


Rain still around, but we only got a short shower!


I love sheep! I do wish they weren’t quite so scared though – they always run away!


Walk over we came home and I set to to make some fruit compote for breakfasts. I bought Bramley apples, plums, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries and cooked them as per ‘The Hairy Dieters’ book. I added a stick of cinnamon and star anise though – I do like spicey fruit! My goodness it looks, smells and tastes fantastic! I can’t wait for breakfast!

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny – if it is I hope to make the most of it.

Have a super Sunday!

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Shopping, Walking & Saying Hello

This morning I managed to crawl out of my pit just before 10 am, so the rest of the day was a bit off kilter! By the time we had showered and hubby had breakfast, it was gone 11 am before we even set off into town!

We had a wander around the shops, I bought some coffee syrups in Costa, then had coffee in Nero’s! I think their coffee is nicer. Then I went in search of the Hairy Bikers latest book – all the shops had sold out! There’s a good sign. It’s the Hairy Dieters book, and having watched a couple of programmes they have done great things with classic food to make them tasty but much lower in calories. I was looking forward to having a few different recipes under my belt. I managed to order it on line when I got home, so I’ll just have to wait for the post.

In Barnstaple I saw this on the side of the old Town Hall –


Sad really – I wonder if it is still used?

Home late and grabbed a banana for lunch before heading out for a walk.


Warm and humid out today.


You can see our house through the hole in the hedge! Then we met these lively ladies –


She was so inquisitive and let me stroke her ears! So cute!


Found a whole bunch of these pretty flowers too.

Three and a half miles done, and home to Thai Prawn Curry that I made with green Thai paste and coconut milk and served with stir fry veg and noodles for hubby. Boy was I hungry!

Time to sit down and relax for me now – I hope you have a nice evening and a smashing Sunday.

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No News

Today was my appointment at the hospital to see the Consultant about my leg. The Compartment Syndrome is still as bad as ever, and a couple of weeks ago I had an MRI and today was to get the verdict.

Well, after an hours drive to get there and half an hours wait, I spent maybe 5 minutes with the Consultant! The MRI was fine and he has run out of ideas, so next steps are a referral to a specialist at a different hospital. Exit room and wait for a letter!

Whilst I was in town I picked up a bit of shopping.


It was raining, so I walked through the market – lots of lovely fruit & veg –


I picked up a prawn cocktail in M&S for my lunch, then headed home to eat it.

The afternoon I spent working at home, made a sausage casserole and headed out for a windy walk whilst it cooked.


Sausage casserole and cabbage for dinner – now I am very full – which is a good thing as tomorrow we fast again.

Tomorrow I am at the dentist – its all happening this week!

Have a terrific Thursday!


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More Sport

I really have no idea what I am going to do with myself when the Olympics end tomorrow. I have placed myself on the sofa again, eagerly awaiting Mo Farah running the 5k tonight.

Today we went shopping as promised. We called at Nero’s for some yummy coffee and mooches around town buying nothing! Then onto the supermarket for the food shop.

We had quite a cheap grocery bill this week, as we are planning fast days on Tuesday and Thursday. Makes menu planning easy!


Then it was walk time. Hot again today, but thankfully there is a nice breeze just cooling things a little.


The cows seem to really like the warm weather, they were really interested in what I was doing too!

Dinner tonight has been our usual Thai Prawn Curry with stir fry veg. Lovely!

Coffee time now – then – Go Mo!

Have a great evening and smashing Sunday.

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Lucky People

I checked my email this morning to find that I had won the lottery! On checking the web site it turned out to be a £2.50 win! So lucky!

We did town and shopping, but not before a quick look at the Olympics and Jessica Ennis doing the long jump. Lunch we had at home and pretty late, so I just had a small salad.

More television (!) and then a quick walk before dinner.


Lucky we missed the showers, but double-lucky because I found a horse shoe! It was laying in the road – so I picked it up and brought it home. It is now washed and hung over the door to hopefully bring even more luck.

I’m afraid it’s more television for me – watching the cycling, then the final event in the pentathlon, fingers crossed for Jessica! Then Mo Farah goes in the 10k – I ran ‘with’ him at the London BUPA 10k last year, so I will be cheering hard!

WooHoo! Another Gold & world record for TeamGB’s ladies cycle pursuit team! Amazing!

Have a super Sunday!


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